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Dream hunt: magic in Croatia

  • Andraž 

Croatia offers the hunter a huge variety of game in an assortment of locations, it is rich with hunting tradition and heritage. The land is either private or state-owned, and there are more than 1000 hunting grounds and very few fences. Dean Čortan lives in the town of Samobor, 10 km from Zagreb. He said: “Whenever I go hunting I feel the excitement because every hunt is adventure and hunter does not know how it is going to end. Will you get the animal you are after? How difficult it is going to be? How long will it last?”

To hunt you will need a Croatian Hunting Licence, approximately 60 euro, and is valid immediately (Dean will organize it for you) until the end of the calendar year. The license (also insurance) is issued by the Croatian Hunting Association. Each year around 4,500 foreign hunters register to hunt in Croatia.

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