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Dream hunt: hunting chamois in Slovenia

Renato Brodar’s interest in firearms lead him into hunting: shooting is a hobby and hunting in Slovenia is a lifestyle choice. Renato’s passion is to hunt chamois on the mountains tops, he’s a confident distance shooter and embraces the challenge of the harsh conditions and the opportunity to earn his quarry.

Renato Brodar lives in Slovenske Konjice (Štajerska region) close to the Pohorje hills. His favourite type of hunting is going up into the mountains to hunt chamois. When we met him he told us with all his enthusiasm: “I love stalking, the views, and to spend days in peaceful and mighty mountains, sometimes we hunt because of the places it takes us. I also like shooting longer distances. I like that you have to ‘earn’ your chamois. On Pohorje, you can shoot a chamois and drag it 50 meters to your car and drive back home. In mountains, you have to carry it down on your back and it can mean all day of carrying it in some cases.”

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